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‘Apricots of Donbas – The Commons’
Poetic-music performance.
Duration 50 min.

Lyuba Yakimchuk poetry, voice
Olesya Zdorovetska citera, objects, voice

‘Apricots of Donbas - The Commons’ is a project about the shared story of a poetess
and a singer born in the same month and the year in two different Pervomaisks – in
Luhanshchina (Luhansk region) and Mykolaivshchyna (Mykolaiv region). One of these
towns, the Pervomaisk of Lyuba Yakimchuk, is now destroyed by the war and in
occupied territory, but the Pervomaisk of Olesya Zdorovetska is safe and
decommunised. This is a Ukrainian story about love and destruction, but also a
European story. The performance is based on poems by Yakimchuk about the fragile
and tragic world of apricots and the steppe and also about the memories of both
performers about their home towns. Zdorovetska’s singing is ‘naked’ and powerful.
It’s a voice and sound like the heartbeat pulsing, finding itself and lost again. And all
that is in common, as our commons is land and love.