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Four singers and a solo dancer lead the audience in an extraordinary auditory excavation, unearthing the songs and stories of love and loss, buried in the soil of post-war Bosnia.

Based on Courtney Angela Brkic's heartbreaking memoir The Stone Fields: Love and Death in the Balkans, ERRATICA's new production Remnants delves through layers of sound, song and spoken testimony, finding traces of love and hope submerged in the darkest chapters of 20th-century European history.

Drawn to Bosnia by her family history, Brkic joined a UN forensics team helping to excavate the mass graves at Srebrenica. Yet among the horrors of war, she discovered remnants of an extraordinary romance between her Catholic grandmother Angelka and a young Jewish man, forced into hiding by the Fascists.

Using new oral testimony, Remnants presents Brkic's fascinating story in her voice, embedded in layers of physical theatre and dance, traditional Balkan music and new electronic textures, darkness and light, beauty and horror, which together form a rich sequence of multi-sensory strata.

Created and directed by Patrick Eakin Young
Based on the book 'The Stone Fields' by Courtney Angela Brkic
Music by Christian Mason and Shelley Parker
Choreography by Jamila Johnson-Small
Sound Design by Alex Groves
Lighting Design by Burke Brown
Set and Costume Design by Ana Ines Jabares-Pita

Featuring: Emma Bonnici, Victoria Couper, Eugenia Georgieva, Fabiola Santana and Olesya Zdorovestska

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